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Table of Contents
The Great Maitland Turkey Farm
Flat Tire & the Great Dane
Bovine Midwifery
Troubadour Emeritus
Judgment & Experience
Preachin', Pickin' & Politicin'
Doctrines of Citizenship
Bean Creek Alphabet
War Bunny

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Flat Tire & the Great Dane

Sorriness is Still Bill, feeling his way into brother-in-law's restaurant, saying "Who owns that Great Dane out there?"

"I do," said a stranger, "Yes, I tethered my beast out there a moment ago. Fine animal; been to obedience school; never hurt man, woman, or..."

"He's dead."

"What do you mean he's dead?"

"My dog killed him."

"Good god, what kind of an animal do you own?"


"How could a Chihuahua kill a Great Dane?"

"I believe he's stuck in his throat."

Author: James Gamble Rogers IV

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