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The Great Maitland Turkey Farm
Flat Tire & the Great Dane
Bovine Midwifery
Troubadour Emeritus
Judgment & Experience
Preachin', Pickin' & Politicin'
Doctrines of Citizenship
Bean Creek Alphabet
War Bunny

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Bean Creek Alphabet

In Bean Creek, they don't even have an alphabet - when they want to write something down, they just draw a bunch of pictures, and, I submit to you, that this kind of symbolic alphabet is the very cornerstone of communication. Their word for 'house' is a sqaure - the perfect symbol of habitation...four walls. Their word for 'woman' is a circle - the earth...the mother earth. Their word for 'man' is a straight line - thus, when they express a concept in Bean Creek, such as 'home,' they draw a square, with a circle and a straight line inside. Their word for 'trouble,' is a square with a straight line, and two circles inside.

Good buddy, you learn your ABC's in a language like that, and you've flat learned something. Maybe you've learned that there are some driveways in this life you have got to come down out of with your lights off.

Author: James Gamble Rogers IV

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